Thankful Tuesday

We started off on a raw (but totally real) note. Moving was/is hard; a like-it-or-not life changer, and, at times, I’m still in a stubbornly wait-and-see mode when it comes to what the NWA move means for my family and, selfish alert, ME! But life is nowhere near gloomy. I’ve had so much to be thankful for in 2015, and what better time to share some thankful thoughts than Thanksgiving week? There isn’t. Which is why I’m sharing. Now.

You’d probably assume I’m thankful for my family, their health, my new house and Ike’s new job. Of course I am. I didn’t want this to just be a list of...duh. But I also didn’t want it to be a list of cheesiness like “That first drink of hot coffee every morning.” Although that IS wonderful. So I decided to share a few standout moments I had in 2015.

So sit back (maybe with YOUR first hot sip of coffee, if so, I’d be honored), savor and maybe reflect on a few moments that made 2015 great/meaningful for you. I’ve found that a little Thankfulness can really snap you out of a dreaded “Woe is me!” spiral. Try it!

3 Show-Stopping Moments of 2015

Stomach Virus Silver Lining

Don’t worry, I’ve edited out all the gruesome details of the 2015 Peters Family Barf-Fest. Just know it was horrible and cruelly timed. Ike was in Little Rock for the weekend after his 2nd or 3rd week working in NWA, and my mom and I were set for another week of packing and dealing with a seemingly endless list of repairs we needed to do to close the deal on our home.

When Ike said he needed to leave church that Sunday, things went downhill quickly. He was sick by 10:30 or so and I, breaking my stomach virus-less streak that I’d held since junior year of high school, followed by mid-afternoon. Elliott joined our unhappy band around dinner time. 

Of course, caring for a poor sicky toddler when I was a poor sicky pregnant lady in the middle of a move would have been...wait for it...stressful. That’s why I’m so thankful that:

  1. My mom was spared the plague.
  2. My mom was there to help. She sat up with Elliott as he suffered through his stomach virus. I’m sad I couldn’t care for him, but I’m so glad that someone who loves him was able to.
  3. And finally, thankful for my mom through the whole process. Yes, my emotions got the best of me from time to time and she got to be on the ugly end of some breakdowns, but I’m so glad that her work and schedule were flexible enough to allow her to come down to Little Rock for over 2 weeks and help me pack and survive the logistics that are moving. 

So although I hope to never, ever get a stomach virus again, I’m weirdly thankful for this one. From the safety of time and healing, I’m able to see just how much support I was given during the move. I was nowhere near alone, and for that, I’ll always be thankful.

30, Flirty, & Thriving

2015 also happens to be exactly 30 years after 1985, the year of my birth. That means I hit a milestone birthday this year. And there’s actually plenty to be thankful for, even in this often-dreaded circumstance.

  1. Maybe I have the move to thank for this, too, but the thought and reality of being 30 hasn’t bummed me out like I feared it would a couple years ago. If anything, at 30 I can appreciate finally emerging out of the murkiness of my 20s. Don’t get me wrong, the 20s were a great decade. I turned 20 in Italy! Not many (non-Italians) can say that. I married Ike Peters. I had Elliott Peters. But I also became an adult in my 20s, and that’s a long hard process. From struggling to find a practical use for my English degree to figuring out what an insurance deductible is, growing into adulthood is something that I am thankful for, but glad is behind me. Sure, I have no idea what the 30s have in store, but I do know that I’m a lot more secure in who I am than that self-conscience Italy-exploring 20 year old.
  2. My party! I’m thankful that Ike threw me a wonderful birthday party with many of our Little Rock friends. “Dips, Desserts and Nertz” was a great night filled with my favorite foods and many of my favorite people. If you were there and reading this, thanks for playing the weird, tournament version of Nertz I invented. I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

December Plans, Anyone?

Poor second kid. With all this moving, I’ve had much less time to think, dream and plan for my sweet Ira than I did with Elliott. In some ways, that’s a good thing! I didn’t even have to ban myself from reading scary mom forums this time. But in others, I wish I had more time to let his arrival bring me joy instead of being one more thing that stressed me out about the move. Because in reality, finding out that our family was growing is probably the brightest spot in all 2015.

Ike was right with me when I tested for Elliott, but this time I wanted it to be a surprise. And by surprise, I mean I didn’t immediately call, text or IM Ike with my positive test results. But that doesn’t mean it was some grand reveal. I kept things simple. I waited until he got home from work and asked him if we had plans on December 28 (my originally calculated due date and thus when I think Ira will be born even though my official due date is January 4th). He genuinely thought about it, and said “No.” And then I said, “You wanna have a baby?”

His smile was great. It was a great moment. And a great start to our relationship with our second son. We’ll see if his birth is a highlight of 2015 or 2016! Personally rooting for sometime between Christmas and New Years...but we shall see!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Embrace the chance to be thankful, even if it is in some coerced round-the-table sharefest. No matter the venue or method, I have a feeling you’ll be thankful you did.

See you after the holiday! I’ll be back to report on Elliott’s 3-day potty training!